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The Tropical Pathology and Infectious Disease AssociationTM, Inc. (TPaIDATM, Inc.) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), educational organization designed to educate students in the basic science, diagnosis, and treatment of infectious tropical diseases while providing medical assistance to other countries. Tpida also runs the daily operational of Tpida Clinical Field Medicine Bio Research International Company. Which function is in the Research, Development of ASSAY in Oncology, Infectious Diseases’ and General Medicine Bio Research. Helping the world developed new medical assay for medicine. Tpida will always be in front of given Humanitarian services to the People of Peru since 2004 and will continue to do so.

TPaIDATM, Inc. offers an intensive 7 day medical internship in tropical medicine and infectious disease, which is taught in Iquitos, Peru (9-10 days with travel). The course consists of clinical rotations, lectures, a jungle clinic, lab rotation, a day with a local shaman, and much more. The curriculum was developed by TPaIDATM, Inc. faculty members from the U.S. and Peru.

Tpaida also offers an Introduction to Molecular Medicine in the Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases. This is a 5 day Short course in using Molecular Biology in the diagnosis of Infectious Diseases. This is a very intensive course with Didactic and Clinical Molecular Biology. The first two days in Lima are hands on training in Rt-PCR, PCR, NAT in HIV, HBV, HCV, CMV diagnosis patients. Second day is based on principles in understanding of blood work and profiles in infectious diseases. The 3rd,4th and fifth days is in Cusco with more hands on training in Molecular biology, Biochemistry, Hematology, Microbiology and Infectious disease in Cancer patients.

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The Tropical Pathology and Infectious Disease Association (IPTEI) is a private, educational organization designed to educate students in the basic science, diagnosis, and treatment of infectious tropical diseases while providing medical assistance to other countries.

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TPaIDA™ Application for Medical internship/Study Abroad
Introduction to the Clinical Pathology and Basic Science of Infectious Tropical Diseases Medical Internship

This course is specifically designed for undergraduate students majoring in health care, professional health care specialists, and pre-medical or medical students interested in acquiring first-hand clinical and laboratory experience in the treatment of tropical diseases. It is a 1-week, highly intensive course that integrates clinical care and basic science. The course is designed for small class sizes. It consists of 5 clinical days in local hospitals and a three-day/two-night trip on the Amazon River to conduct a medical clinic that caters to the needs of smaller villages lacking in medical treatment.

Students study with local area physicians in hospitals in Iquitos as well as attending traditional lectures and round table discussion groups.

Tuition is $2,975, which includes all, course materials, breakfasts, lunch, hotel accommodations in Cuzco, and a 2 day and 1-night jungle/river medical/clinic. The tuition fee does not include flight; each student is responsible for the cost of his or her flight. Additional trips (including Machu Picchu) may be arranged for an additional fee.

Please note that 20% of the tuition is due upon the receipt of your acceptance. Half of the remaining balance of the tuition is due 30 days after admission into program and the remaining tuition balance is due 60 days from the class start date. All fees are nonrefundable. For more information please contact (IPTEI), at the address and phone number provided below. TPaIDA Is The INSTITUTO DE PATOLOGIA TROPICAL Y ENFERMEDADES INFECCIOSAS (IPTEI) E.I.R.L a Peruviana Compaña. Refundas are gobernó
by Peruvian law. RUC 20490552341. Tuition fees are subject to change.

Travel to and from Peru can be arranged by TPaIDATM, Inc. Trips to Macchu Picchu can be arranged by TPaIDATM, Inc. for an additional charge.
TPaIDATM students will stay at a four-star hotel located in downtown Iquitos. The hotel has internet access, a café, and a swimming pool. Travel in the Iquitos area is done by local moto-taxi drivers. Tuition also covers the river excursion and jungle accommodations. A portion of the tuition also goes to purchase medicine in Peru for the jungle clinics.
TPaIDA will customize training for health care professionals who wish to study Tropical Medicine in Peru as well as professionals who desire to help developing nations. Customized learning experiences are subject to different tuition rates.

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Dr. Percy Inga

Dr. Percy Inga

Chief of Surgery

Dr. Percy Inga, Chief of Surgery at the Hospital EsSalud in Iquitos, Peru is assisted in surgery by Richard Cao from the University of Nevada Reno during a recent TPaIDATM internship.
Dr. Siuincha (2nd from left), Dr. Rolling (3rd from Left), Dr. Inga (4th from left)
Dr. Rolling (middle); Jungle Clinic