Inca Jungle Trek

Have you got what it takes?

Does your perfect holiday consist of lying on a beach for 7 days? If so, then you should stop reading now.

If your dream holiday rather consists of pushing your body to the extreme, experiencing unforgettable and unreplicable moments then you should sit back and get comfortable as this blog post is for you!

TPaIDA has for over a decade been offering medical students the chance to immerse themselves in a different world. That world is Iquitos, a jungle city in the Amazon rainforest, North East Peru. Here the students are immersed in a world where you have to trek through the jungle to reach indigenous villages, where you hear and see monkeys above you and caimans below.

This world has just been opened up to all those that are brave enough to step into it.

TPaIDA has developed an incredible adventure that includes the most amazing experiences that Peru has to offer. Not only will you have a jungle experience like none before, you will then suddenly switch to being high up in the Andes trekking at 15,000 feet to discover Wonder of the World, Machu Picchu.

To make this lifetime experience even more worthwhile, we have linked up with US Army Group 7 Special Forces Wounded Soldier Program, and all the money raised will be split between supporting this amazing program and the Clinica San Juan de DIos, Cusco, home to severely disabled, many who have brain damage, blind, wheelchair bound and who have been abandoned by their families.




The tour starts in Lima, here TPaIDA will lead you into a false sense of security as you enjoy your stay in the beautiful ​Antigua Miraflores ​before enjoying a team bonding session during our food tour provided by the luxury ​Lima Gourmet Company​.
The Jungle

However the luxury abruptly ends here and the real adventure begins! We take an early morning flight from Lima to Iquitos ready for the jungle. The jungle consists of 3 days and two nights in different lodges. However this won’t be a bird watching tour, we will be on the trail each day for 5-10 hours. Trekking deep into the Amazon, machete in hand, we will have the opportunity to see monkeys, sloths, snakes, caimans and have our fingers crossed in the hope of spotting the elusive jaguar. We are likely to pass through indigenous communities where we will drop off toys and medications as we make our way to the Jungle Lodge each night. Here we will have the chance to rehydrate and have a cold beer to help with the recovery.

After an incredible jungle experience we will make our way back to Iquitos, this is not before we have the chance to swim with river dolphins. An evening of beer and pizza will help us recuperate some of the energy lost in the past two days and prepare ourselves for the second part of our adventure, the Andes.

The Andes

The Andes are the opposite to the jungle: mountainous, dry and cold. You will have three days to acclimatise to the altitude and we will take this time to explore the culture of the Incas, discovering the Sacred Valley and many of the incredible Inca ruins, exploring the vibrant San Pedro market as well as visiting the beautiful children at Clinica San Juan de Dios. For many, this is the highlight of the trip, playing and engaging with the children for who we have raised money for. As mentioned before many of the children have brain damage, blind, wheelchair bound and have been abandoned by their families. They are looked after by the incredible nurses and doctors at the clinic. The clinic works solely on donations for the care of these beautiful children. So any money that you can raise will go directly to improving the quality of their lives substantially. We will have time to engage with the children, play with them and give them the toys, cookies and Ensure that you have brought with you,

Once acclimatised we are ready for the challenging Salkantay trek! A 5 day trek, which we will be completing in three days. The third day will be the whole day in Machu Picchu, so it will be two days to complete 44km at 11,500 – 15,000 feet. This will be truly challenging and you will need to be in great physical shape to manage this. For those who are moving too slow, it will be the call of the guide to put you on a donkey. There won’t be a choice once this decision is made as 6pm it is dark and we have a designated camping spot to get to.

During the trek we will have the chance to take in snow capped mountains, turquoise mountain top lakes and fantastic scenery all around.

Our award for pushing our bodies to the maximum, to explore Wonder of the World, Machu Picchu. You will have the whole morning to try and work out how it was possible to build such a magnificent citadel on top of a mountain.

For all your hard effort, you will be rewarded with a days recovery in Cusco, before yet another challenging day, the Llama Trek.

The Llama trekking route is truly a breathtaking adventure from beginning to end. Starting in a valley filled with Llamas and Alpacas, you make the first pass of 14,600 feet with mountain top lagunas before we make the final climb to reach the impressive Rainbow mountain (Vinicunca Montaña).

A group dinner will give us the opportunity to reflect on an action filled holiday that we have just completed.

Details This adventure is no joke, we need everybody to be in their best shape as when deep in the jungle, we can’t be losing time as or having people who can’t keep up.

There will be donkeys in the Andes and for those who are struggling will be put up on one as we need to get to the campsites in the designated time.

The price per person for this once in a lifetime adventure is $4500. We ask additionally that everybody raises money or asks for sponsorship to be shared equally between​ the children of the Clinic San Juan de Dios, Cusco​. ​to the Andrew Mckenna scholarship at Norwich University in remembrance of those KIA on the field of battle and the US Army Group 7 Special Forces wounded soldier program.

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We will have the itinerary and more information on the website in the coming weeks. So please keep checking.


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