Dear Dr. Rolling

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for admitting me to the Tropical Pathology and Infectious Disease Association program this winter. My experience with you and the doctors you had me shadowing was extremely rewarding. In addition to sharpening my studying, medical procedure, optometric skills and working in direct contact with the patients in the clinic allowed me to mature professionally. I thoroughly enjoyed working with such a great team of people. It proved to be a very humbling experience and it was a pleasure to watch and learn from my fellow colleagues.

I particularly want to thank you for the time you spent with me discussing professional development. Our counseling meeting/mock interview was very helpful and provided me with great insight and constructive criticism of my coursework and future plans. I am aware that I am not where I need to be for admittance into medical school but I have made my future in medicine my priority. You have provided me with the necessary tools to be a completive applicant. In the next two years I intend to take the prerequisite classes needed and the MCAT needed for my admittance. As discussed, I plan on enrolling into a post-baccalaureate program at my current institution, North Carolina Central University. Due to a timing factor I will be meeting with my advisors and chairs of each science to emphasize that I wish to take my pre-reqs before January, 2017 due to the varying deadlines each year for prospective medical schools. If this is made possible I intend to take the MCAT in the fall of 2016 and spring of 2017 if needed.

In addition, I would like to thank you for all the tools you have provided me with for success. I believe that the ball is completely in my court now. I will be in contact periodically to extend my plans over the next two years. Medical school is looking for a compassionate, driven, and excelling individual. I feel like I will be a perfect candidate to study medicine in the near future.

Please extend my thanks and appreciation to the doctors I worked with in clinics and the TPIDA staff for such a substantive internship experience.


Darren Schuman
5110 Old Chapel Hill Road
Durham NC, 27713