Robert Emeh

Alabama St. Student

December 20, 2013

Day Ten: I Am Thankful

My last day in Iquitos. This is bittersweet. I am ready to go home and spend the rest of my Christmas break with my family, but it’s sad leaving behind people who you have grown close to. I’m in the airport heading to Dallas, and I already feeling nostalgic. I wish I could hang out with my new friends one more time. I wish I could have a one more conversation with Dr. Rolling, or assist in one more surgery.  You never know how much you love something until it is gone. Even though it sad that it has come to an end, I am just thankful for the opportunity.

Thank you, Dr. Rolling, for admitting into the TPaIDA program. Thank you for taking me under your wing and showing me the reality of being a medical doctor. Thank you for helping instill the foundation that I need to grow into the successful doctor that I will be one day. Before I even came to Iquitos, you believed in me more than I believed in myself. Because of you, I am leaving this internship knowing that I do anything, and no one can stop me.  I know that this is only the beginning of a great relationship, and I plan to make you proud as your mentee.