Robert Emeh

Alabama St. Student

December 16, 2013

Day Six: A Day I Won’t Forget

My Group 2 members and I started our day off at the OBGYN department of the Peruvian hospital. I was looking forward to this day, hoping that I would be blessed with the opportunity to assist in delivery a baby. I came into the hospital completely focused, looking for a chance to assist a doctor prepping for a C-section. Then it happened.

My translator Darlin came up to me and said the doctors were prepping for a C-section in one of the rooms. With excitement in my voice, I told Darlin to ask the doctors if I could help. She did so successfully, and I was able to join the doctors in the C-section. The moment had finally come, just like I hoped for, and now was the time to me do my part. While I was prepping, I said my routine prayer and focused in on the task at hand.

I stood right beside the doctor as he started to cut open the skin of the mother. I paid attention to every detail, as the doctor kept cutting past each layer, while the other doctor across the table stretched out the hole. When they were able to reach the baby, the doctors teamed up and tried to push the baby out of the mother. The baby was bigger than the average baby, causing the doctors to struggle in pushing the baby thought the hole they made. Trying my best to assist, I grabbed on the baby and helped the doctors push. The baby eventually slid out, and I carried him in my arms. Since he was slippery, I readjusted my arms to make sure the baby was secure until the nurse took him from me. Lasting only ten minutes, the rest of C-section consisted of suturing the three layers that were cut open. I got to cut the strings during the suture, as well as eliminate the excess blood with a gauze. Once the C-section was over, the doctor thanked me for my assistance, as well as complimented me for my attentiveness during the procedure.

Once I got a chance to sit down and reflect, I couldn’t believe what I had just done.  I had just pushed out and carried a baby during a C-section. When that baby was in my arms, my eyes had grown big in amazement, and I wanted to do whatever it took to make sure the baby was safe. As crazy as this may sound, delivering a baby is a beautiful thing. Knowing that I helped bring life into this world is something I will cherish forever. I am extremely satisfied with how this internship has gone so far, and I can’t thank Dr. Rolling enough for giving me this opportunity. Without a doubt, this has been one of the best days of my life.