Medical Case File 47

Dengue, Yellow fever and Rabies

1. What are Viruses?
2. What is a vector?
3. What is the vector for Rabies, Dengue, and Yellow fever?
4. What is the Life cycle of each disease?
5. What is the pathogenisis of each in man, animal and insect?
6. What is the relationship between man and these viruses ?
7. What is an accidental host? What does it mean?
8. What is the treatment of each of these viruses?
9. What is the Monkey relationship in these viruses? Lifecycle?
10. What are the different subtypes for Dengue?
11. Are these viruses evolving? Explain?
12. What is the specific insect that carries Dengue and Yellow fever?
13. What is the geographic distribution of Dengue, Yellow Fever and Rabies worldwide?
14. What is the relationship between bats and yellow fever?