Medical Case File 52

Puncture wound in Diabetic Patients

– Necrosis of foot from Clostridium Perfringes, Bacteroides , Pseudomonas
– Gram Positive and Gram Negative Antibiotic coverage is life saving
– Polymicrobial infections always
– Surgery, Antimicrobials, Hyperbaric is standard treatment for good out come
1. What is the difference between gram negative and gram positive bacteria?
2. What is an exotoxin? Explain in detail?
3. What is an endotoxin? Explain in detail?
4. What is the role of alpha toxin?
5. List 10 gram positive bacteria?
6. List 20 gram negative bacteria?
7. What is the difference in aerobic and anaerobic respiration? Draw out the pathways.
8. How many ATP are formed in each?
9. What is gangrene?
10. List 7 anaerobic bacteria?
11. List 6 opportunistic fungi that affect man?
12. What are fungi? List 4 cutaneous fungi? List 3 subcutaneous fungi? List 4 common sytemic fungi pathogens? What is the treatment for each class of fungi?
13. What is osteomyelitis?
14. List 10 bacteria that live in gastrointestinal tract? Are they anaerobic or aerobic?
15. What is the role Antibiotic in the Treatment of bacteria? Do they cure infection?
16. What is difference between a radical cure and Clinical cure?
17. What is Bacteroides? Why is it important in infections? What role?