Medical Case File 53


1.What is the Life cycle of Ascaris ( roundworm), Ancylostoma (Hookworm), Trichuris( Threadworm)?
2. What is the Pathogenisis of each Helminths?
3. What is the Treatment?
4. How does the medication work?
5. Why are so many people effected? How many worldwide?
6. How do we make a diagnosis for each? Explain in details.
7. What are they ? Eukaryotes or Prokaryotes? Very important to understand. Explain in detail?
8. How many eggs can each lay daily and yearly?
9. Can you killed the eggs or Larve of each?
10. What is the respiration of each? Aerobic or anaerobic? Explain in details each worm metabolism?
11. Are there infection in the US? Where?
12. Are worms excellent parasite? What defines an excellent parasite? Explain in details.