Medical Case File 51


1. What is the difference between Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes?
2. What is a Protozoan?
3. What is the bio metabolism of Protozoa? Energy source. Define in full detail.
4. What is the life cycle of Chagas disease in man? What are the vectors for transmission of disease to man?
5. What is the reticuloendothelial system? Draw out the system..
6. What is the immune response to Leishmania, Trypanosome and most protozoa infection? Is it Cellular or Humoral immunity? Define your answer.
7. List 15 Protozoa diseases that affect man?
8. What are the drugs use to treat protozoan infection? Define the basic mechanism of action.
9. Why does resistance develop in Leishmania, Chagas disease and Trypanosoma Gambiense and Rhodesiense ?
10. Define the role of antigenic drift and antigenic shift in the diseases above ? Define in full detail.
11. What is Giardia disease? Define its life cycle.
12. What are its vectors?
13. What determines it form? What is an Amastigote or Trophozoite? What roles does an aerobic or anaerobic environment play it its pathogenesis?
14. What is the role of asexual and sexual reproduction in Protozoa diseases?
15. List the most common vectors in the transmission of Protozoa disease? List 10.
16. Draw an Amastigote and Trophozote. Label the parts of its structures.
17. How do Amastigote and Trophozote reproduce?