Medical Case File 48


1. What is Donovanosis? Explain in detail.
2. Is it gram positive or negative bacteria?
3. Is it anaerobic or aerobic?
4. What is the Pathogenesis of this disease?
5. What is the treatment for this pathogen?
6. What are the three stages of syphilis? Explain in detail.
7. What is syphilis? What is the pathogenesis?
8. What is the treament?
9. What is neonatal syphilis?
10. What is gonorrhea ? What is the pathogenesis?
11. Can syphilis and gonorrhea causes blindness in new borns? Explain in details. What is the disease called in each?
12. What is the treatment to prevent blindness?
13. What is Chlamydia? What is the pathogensis? List several diseases that it causes in man.
14. What is the number one Bacteria that causes blindness world wide? What role do flys plays in its transmission?
15. What is the treatment in all stages of Chlamydia infections. List them and be specific for each Chlamydia infections?