Medical Case File 49


1. Define the difference between Bacterial, Viral and Osmotic diarrhea?
2. List 5 bacterial that causes diarrhea?
3. List 5 virus that causes diarrhea?
4. Define the pathogenesis of Samonella?
5. Define the pathogenisis of Vibro Cholera?
6. What is the treatment for Viral Diarrhea?
7. What is the treatment for Bacterial Diarrhea?
8. Define the pathogenesis of E. Coli 0157?
9. What is standard WHO treatment for diarrhea?
10. What is the formulation of the Solution by WHO?
11. What is the average water weight for Babys, Children, Teenagers and Adult. How many liters?
12. What is Volume Shock? What are the signs and symptoms?
13. Is Gatorade or Powerade good for diarrhea?
14. What is the normal level of NA,CL and K in the intravascular and extravascular space? What are the levels inside and outside the cell?
15. What are the Toxin produce by Vibro Chlorea, E. Coli 0157, Salmonella Typhi and Rotavirus that produce diarrhea?
16. How does the environment impact the transmission or pathogenesis of diarrhea? Explain in detail.